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DUI/DWI,Traffic & Criminal Defense

The criminal justice system can be overwhelming. Judges and prosecutors are tough and harsh, and ready to implement punishments ranging from fines to incarceration.  

 Michelle knows those who have been charged with a crime may have serious consequences to face with family, employment, schools and even finding an apartment or home. Her vast experience with prosecutors has given her a first-hand perspective of how they develop and investigate their cases. This is key to a strong defense.

                             She applies her extensive experience in being a criminal defense attorney to all of her cases, aiming to have charges dismissed and sentences reduced.

                             Be proactive and aggressive in seeking representation. Get the peace of mind you deserve and call today. DUI/DWI and Criminal Defense consultations are FREE. (757) 516-0684

Personal Injury Attorney

The injuries you sustained can have serious effects on you, your family & your life moving forward.  

From helping someone injured in a catastrophic vehicle accident to helping an injured customer at a business establishment, Michelle is skilled, hungry and committed to deliver results to her clients.

                              She fights hard by aggressively pursuing the negligent party to get you compensation for your lost wages, medical bills, property damage, pain & suffering. No case goes unsettled!   

                             You need to take steps to protect yourself and this begins with a qualified attorney. Personal Injury consultation are FREE so call today (757) 516-0684

Divorce & Family Law Attorney

Dealing with the prospect of a divorce or legal separation can be one of the most stressful times of

your life.  

You may be facing financial uncertainty or issues dealing with assets, custody, visitation and support. In some situations, you may be the victim of domestic violence and in need of a protection order.

                                Michelle takes every aspect of fighting for men and women, civilians and military personnel, seriously to get the results you need and desire. She is compassionate and understanding and works closely with you every step of the way.

                               She has extensive experience in working with spouses attorneys to protect your marital assets and retirement and establish grounds for divorce. She is extremely effective at zealously advocating for and on behalf of you and your children and knows how guardian ad litems can influence custody and visitation.

                              Seeking advice from a knowledgeable divorce attorney, as soon as possible, can make a difference in preserving your long-term financial and emotional health. 

                             Do not procrastinate in seeking advice and representation for your divorce. (757) 516-0684

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