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Criminal & Traffic Defense Attorney

 Your charges can have serious effects on employment & family and result in substantial fines, license revocation & jail or prison.  I provide aggressive defense in every case.  With 31 years of experience I am well-respected by judges and prosecutors throughout Hampton Roads and surrounding areas.  My clients include men, women & juveniles and those of the military.

                                     Criminal Defense consultations are FREE so call today (757) 516-0684

Personal Injury Attorney

The injuries you sustained can have serious effects on you, your family & your life moving forward.  I represent the driver and any passengers involved both adults and juveniles.  The Law Office of Michelle Mordue                                               Helms fights hard by aggressively pursuing the negligent party to get you

                                       compensation for your lost wages, medical  bills, property damage, pain &

                                      suffering.  No case goes unsettled!   


                                      Personal Injury consultation are FREE so call today (757) 516-0684

Divorce & Family Law Attorney

I understand you may be dealing with an overwhelming, stressful issue and I am here to help.  Your divorce, children and assets are worth fighting for and I take every aspect of fighting seriously to get the results you desire.  

                                       Working closely with you every step of the way is important. 

                                      My clients include men and women and those of the military.   

                                       The retainer and hourly fees are competitive and affordable.  In    

                                       certain situations, payment arrangements may be made.